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Blind Dog Rescue UK is a small but passionate charity dedicated to the rescue of blind and partially sighted dogs. We rescue the most vulnerable dogs who have been subjected to the worst of humanity yet still have an astonishing capacity to adapt, love and become perfect ambassadors for blind dogs everywhere.

The dogs in our care are victims of abuse, neglect, disease or trauma. Many are struggling to survive in countries where there is no infrastructure for animal welfare or animal rescue. Countries such as Romania, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ireland and Cyprus have limited strategies in place to deal with street dogs and unwanted pets and so set up shelters with the most basic facilities and poorly trained staff. It is incredibly difficult for sighted dogs to survive any length of time in these shelters let alone blind or partially sighted dogs. We need to get to these dogs quickly and secure their immediate release and treatment. They need veterinary care and to be given the safety and comfort of a foster home in which to start healing. Here they are given love and affection and a warm bed - possibly the first they will have experienced in their lifetimes.

At this point we are able to start assessing and promoting these wonderful dogs for forever homes. We start to find out their characters, likes and dislikes and establish what kind of home would best suit them. Our dogs start to enjoy toys for the first time and show us their incredible capacity for forgiveness and love. Each time they astound us with their ability to fulfil their fullest potential and adapt to their new situations and take each new step with dignity and confidence.

Blind Dog Rescue UK also rescue dogs from within the UK who are being surrendered by their owners or being threatened with euthanasia. We so often see dogs not being given a chance to show how incredible a blind dog can be and what normal lives they can lead. In these cases we intervene to help owners adjust to having a blind dog, or ensure the dog is surrendered into our care so that we can find them a new home.