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Friends of Horsey Seals (FoHS) is a registered charity (1169539) dedicated to protecting one of the largest Atlantic Grey Seal colonies in the UK. 

The beaches at Horsey and Winterton on the East Norfolk coast are flat and sandy, an ideal location for seals to give birth. The annual pupping season has become one of Britain’s great wildlife spectacles, attracting thousands of visitors each year.  The work of Friends of Horsey Seals protecting the seals from disturbance and injury is vital for the long-term survival of the colony and for the safety of the people who come to see them.  FoHS is totally run by volunteer seal wardens who protect the seals during the breeding season and operate a trained Rescue team throughout the year. Find out more www.friendsofhorseyseals.co.uk

When you buy our calendar, the profits help the seals thrive.  Thank you,