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St. Kizito Babies' Home is an orphanage at the foot of Mt Elgon in Gangama near Mbale, Uganda. The home was established in 1968 to care for abandoned newborns and children whose mother or parents had died and to care, support and protect babies whose mothers are severely handicapped either mentally and/or physically, or are subject to malnourishment and poor health. The home also provides educational support, oversees the resettlement of children and monitors and evaluates the conditions of resettled children.

The orphanage has grown and developed over the years. There are now several dormitories and a separate wing for the tiny babies. The mothers (carers) work through the night feeding, comforting and changing nappies. All the cots have mosquito nets and the windows have wire netting. A social carer is employed and oversees all the fostering, adoptions and pays regular visits to children who have returned to their homes to ensure that they are happy and safe. The home is officially registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in the Ministry of Local Government in Uganda.

The Gangama Project Fund provides a regular income to the home which provides them with long-term security. We also help provide school fees and boarding school fees to some children to ensure they have a good start to life with an education. The orphanage now has its own nursery school and local children also attend in preparation for Primary School. The Gangama Project Fund has been able to twin with UK schools to help raise funds and provide uniforms and equipment for the local schools. The water supply is critical to the home and the Gangama Project Fund has helped maintain and improve the bore hole and pumping facilities to provide a reliable water supply. The GPF has also raised money to purchase cows to provide milk for the babies and also provided a Biogas plant to process the cow dung into fuel for cooking and manure for the fruit and vegetable garden.

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