Welcome to the ASK Print Online shop page for Grid Finder

We are a UK based print company and this print-on-demand shop is for our customers to sell to their customers.

By printing-on-demand customers don't have to pre-print stock and are not left with unsold stock so it is better for the environment.

Grid Finder, in collaboration with our partners, are raising money for Men's Mental Health Charity, CALM. CALM is a charity against male suicide.

The calendar has been created by using images submitted from members of the sim racing community. The best 12 have been chosen and included in our 2022 calendar.

Please help us sell these calendars and raise more money for CALM by sharing a link to the calendar on your social media sim racing groups.

100% of the profit will go to charity

Sponsors of the calendar have paid their sponsorship fee directly to our JustGiving page.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection