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Formed in 1886, Merseyside Police Mounted Section is the oldest of its kind.  Their duties include policing large-scale events, patrolling the city to keep the public safe and attending Aintree’s famous Grand National where they escort the winner.  Calm under pressure, our horses love to meet the people of Merseyside, especially if there is a sugar-free polo on offer. 

The brave furry officers of Merseyside Police’s Dog Section love nothing better than a game of hide and seek!  These good boys and girls assist us to locate various lost, hidden and discarded items and help us to look for missing persons.  They can also be very persuasive when requesting someone to slow down so we can have a chat.

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Funds raised from the sale of calendars will be split between 

  • our Stand Tall Foundation for the wellbeing and welfare of our horses
  • the Merseyside Retired Police Dog Benevolent Fund
  • and the work of Merseyside Police