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After losing my soulmate/husband to cancer in 2018, I found comfort in Journaling while going through the grieving process. It lifted my spirits each day to write and coupled with reading motivational sayings, it helped me get through the days of loneliness and heartache.

I wanted to help as many other people that I could who are going through the grieving process or even that are wanting to find a way to settle their mind, by allowing them to write down how you feeling but to also get you interacting in a positive mindset about yourself and your future to lift your spirit.

This is not just a blank journal, this has space to write your goals, your to be lists and what you are happy and grateful about each day. It allows you to dig deep and go within to help you work through anything and then gives you the motivation to see it through.

Thank you so much for purchasing your Daily Life Journal and my hope is for peace, comfort, love and happiness in your life each and everyday.